Boys U15

1St Cathrines Club Roma Wolves13130010089239
2Welland Wizards Red14101389246531
3Niagara Fall Titans1481560174325
4Grimsby Griffins147075258-621
5St Catharines Club Roma Wolves Red146172646-2019
6St Catharines Club Roma Wolves White135083266-3415
7Fort Erie Sting123182666-4010
8Welland Wizards White14001411111-1000

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1Nick KOVACEVICSt Cathrines Club Roma Wolves22
2Alexander AGOPIANGrimsby Griffins20
3Jaden DOLCHWelland Wizards Red17
4Gabriel DARVICH-LOPEZGrimsby Griffins15
5Adam COOKSt Cathrines Club Roma Wolves14
6Joshua BERNARDNiagara Fall Titans14
7Nathan VANMARIONSt Cathrines Club Roma Wolves14
8 Jose RESTREPO JIMENEZWelland Wizards Red13
9Ben WYNIAWelland Wizards Red11
10Yahya AL-KHATEEBSt Cathrines Club Roma Wolves11

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Ben AYLWARDSt Cathrines Club Roma Wolves8
2Daniel SZUFRANOWICZNiagara Fall Titans5
3 Daniel DEMONTIGNYWelland Wizards Red3
4Connor BEACOCK-SCHMURAFort Erie Sting3
5Zachary TOMSGrimsby Griffins2
6Ben PETERSSt Catharines Club Roma Wolves White1
7Chris CAMERONSt Cathrines Club Roma Wolves1
8Declan Whittard Niagara Fall Titans1
9Jaiden FOXCROFTGrimsby Griffins1
10NOAH DIMAURIZIOSt Catharines Club Roma Wolves Red1

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Boys U8
U8 JetsPrePelham W
StormPreNUSC Blue
Pelham BluePreFort Erie
ThoroldPreTitans White

Boys U9
Fort EriePreThorold
NUSCPrePelham Blue
Pelham WPreTitans
U9 JetsPreWelland

Boys U10
Titans BluePreRoma Black
Welland RedPreNOTL
NUSCPreJets Red
Roma RedPreWest Lincoln
Jets BlackPrePelham
Titans WhitePreFort Erie

Boys U11
Welland RedPreTitans

Boys U12
Welland RedPreLincoln
Fort EriePreRoma White
GrimsbyPreRoma Red
Roma BlackPreNUSC

Boys U13
Titans Blue16 - 0 Welland
Grimsby2 - 5 Lincoln
Welland Red3 - 4 Titans White

Boys U15
Grimsby3 - 13 Welland Red
Welland1 - 11 Titans
Roma Red4 - 1 Roma White

Boys U18
NOTL5 - 2 Lincoln
Port2 - 3 Roma
Thorold2 - 2 Pelham

Girls U8
Pelham BluePreFort Erie
Jets BlackPreNUSC
NUSC BluePreJets Red

Girls U9
Jets RedPrePort
PelhamPreWelland Red
LincolnPreJets Black
NUSC BluePrePelham Blue
Welland WhitPreNUSC

Girls U10
Welland RedPreWest Linc
GrimsbyPreNUSC Blue
PelhamPreWelland Whit
Jets BlackPreFort Erie
RomaPreJets Red

Girls U11
Welland RedPreTitans
Jets RedPreFort Erie
PortPrePelham Blue
NUSC BluePreJets Black

Girls U12
Welland RedPreLincoln
GrimsbyPreNUSC Blue
Jets BlackPreJets Red

Girls U13
NUSC Blue0 - 6 Jets Red
Roma4 - 1 NUSC
Titans8 - 2 Pelham
West Linc1 - 11 Grimsby

Girls U14
Grimsby0 - 4 Pelham
Roma6 - 0 NUSC

Girls U16
NUSC2 - 3 Pelham
Roma1 - 1 Jets Black
Jets Black1 - 1 West Linc
Welland Red4 - 1 Jets White
Fort Erie2 - 3 Pelham

Women Division 1
Grimsby2 - 0 Welland Scav
Lincoln2 - 5 Club Italia
Welland GGG0 - 0 WL Slam
WL Janco5 - 3 Welland WIZ

Women Division 2
WL Strikers2 - 1 Pelham
Roma Red2 - 1 Roma White
Dunnville5 - 0 Roma Black
Roma Gold0 - 2 Ridgeway

Women Premier
Lincoln4 - 1 West Lincoln
Vintage4 - 0 Welland Lege
Club Italia3 - 2 NUSC
Welland Buck2 - 1 Jets Red

Women Under 21
Jets Black3 - 0 Dunnville
West Lincoln3 - 0 Lincoln
Titans2 - 0 Sting
Roma5 - 1 Jets Red


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