Women Under 21

1West Lincoln U21W1292152114129
2St. Catharines Jets Black U21W1282236201626
3Fort Erie U21W124352732-515
4St. Catharines Jets Red U21W123452532-713
5Dunnville U21W120111752-451

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Mackensie SEMENCHUKWest Lincoln U21W16
2Mackenzie BARNARDSt. Catharines Jets Red U21W15
3Sarah COWANWest Lincoln U21W11
4Caldwell EMILYSt. Catharines Jets Black U21W10
5Vasko OLIVIASt. Catharines Jets Black U21W10
6Dykstra SIERRASt. Catharines Jets Black U21W8
7Stephanie ANTONUCCIWest Lincoln U21W8
8Kennedy HOFFMANSt. Catharines Jets Red U21W7
9Maggie TSCHAKOVSKYWest Lincoln U21W7
10Natalie GALLETTIWest Lincoln U21W7

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Kaitlyn DICKEYWest Lincoln U21W6
2Campbell EMILYSt. Catharines Jets Black U21W1
3Kyla WOODSt. Catharines Jets Red U21W1
4Olivia GALASFort Erie U21W1
5Tawil GRACESt. Catharines Jets Black U21W1

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