Women Division 2

1St. Catharines Roma Black WD21410312681833
2Pelham Panthers WD214102239162332
3West Lincoln Strikers WD21480642261624
4St. Catharines Roma Red WD21472533231023
5St. Catharines Roma White WD2145182726116
6Ridgeway United WD2143291733-1611
7St. Catharines Roma Gold WD2143291335-2211
8Dunnville United WD2143291444-3011

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Kaitlyn PRESSLEYSt. Catharines Roma Red WD213
2Irene LOWDENWest Lincoln Strikers WD212
3Paige GARVEYPelham Panthers WD211
4Sophia AL-KAYEDSt. Catharines Roma Red WD211
5Stacy TRIFUNOVICWest Lincoln Strikers WD211
6Jody VANDERSTELTSt. Catharines Roma White WD210
7Zoey PERCHALUKRidgeway United WD210
8Michelle MAECKERPelham Panthers WD29
9Alison STARKPelham Panthers WD26
10Lauren PADUANOSt. Catharines Roma White WD26

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Carling CARRSt. Catharines Roma Black WD26
2Holli ZWIERSCHKEPelham Panthers WD25
3Barb FENTONWest Lincoln Strikers WD23
4Heather COSTIFFSt. Catharines Roma Black WD22
5Kayla DARDARIANSt. Catharines Roma White WD22
6Tianna PENNASt. Catharines Roma Gold WD22
7Breanna SHELDRAKEDunnville United WD21
8Carrie SPORTELPelham Panthers WD21
9Claire FEIERTAGRidgeway United WD21
10Emily MARWICKSt. Catharines Roma White WD21
11Jill YOUNGPelham Panthers WD21
12Kaitlyn PRESSLEYSt. Catharines Roma Red WD21
13Lindsay PRINSENSt. Catharines Roma Black WD21
14Samantha Dehaan West Lincoln Strikers WD21
15Stephanie VISSERDunnville United WD21

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