Boys U11 Tier 1

1St. Catharines Roma BU11T1 A181710107149352
2St. Catharines Jets Black BU11T11910275648832
3NUSC BU11T1198565753429
4Pelham BU11T1198296378-1526
5Welland BU11T1176384253-1121
6Grimsby BU11T11831143480-4610
7Fort Erie BU11T183052936-79
8St. Catharines Roma BU11T1 B103073044-149

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1Name WithheldSt. Catharines Roma BU11T1 A28
2Name WithheldSt. Catharines Jets Black BU11T120
3Gavin VAMPLEWFort Erie BU11T117
4Max RAINVILLEWelland BU11T116
5Oliver KUEBECKPelham BU11T115
6Name WithheldNUSC BU11T114
7Jonah SHAPLANDPelham BU11T114
8Name WithheldSt. Catharines Roma BU11T1 A13
9Ian MCCARTHYPelham BU11T112
10Name WithheldNUSC BU11T112

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Name WithheldSt. Catharines Roma BU11T1 A10
3Mateo AYALAFort Erie BU11T24
4Name WithheldSt. Catharines Jets Black BU11T12
5Julian BELCASTROWelland BU11T12
6Name WithheldNUSC BU11T12
7Shivaji VUTLANFSC BU11T22
8Name WithheldSt. Catharines Jets Black BU11T11
9Jacob IANNIZZIPelham BU11T11
10Luca VADICHINOWelland BU11T11
11Max MORREALEGrimsby BU11T11

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